Moscow Agglomeration

Moscow, Russia Client: City of Moscow Total area: 10, 700 km2 RBTA’s proposal for Moscow City Agglomeration Development, a plan that includes Moscow City and Moscow Region, takes into account the role these territories play in the international and national context. Predicting the influence of the growing population and work zones on the planning belts and urban areas over time, the project interweaves a sophisticated network of developed districts and sectors with a progressive approach to nature conservancy. Designed with future development in mind, the first stage of the conceptual proposal is expected to commence within the next ten years. The sinuous plan explores intelligent solutions and measures to solve Moscow’s serious traffic congestion. Construction of a series of strategic infrastructures balances the distribution of work areas and residences to help reduce commuting times. Boasting 30 m2 of green space per capita, the future territory of Moscow’s Agglomeration guarantees its ecological preservation by putting an end to the destruction of urban areas and preventing unsuitable urban development. The forward-thinking master plan recovers the principles of the Garden City and promotes a zero carbon sustainable development for Moscow.