Vaclav Havel Library

Prague, Czeck Republic Project: 2010-2011. Its opening is planned by 2013 The Project of Vaclav Havel Library, is inspired on Unites States Presidents libraries, as the ex-president of Czeck Rebublic’s preferred style. This is a sober style, elegant and simple, in no way influenced by the fashions of modern architecture, following the character of the institution. The building named “The house next to the column Drahomira”, is baroque in style but also influenced by Renascent architecture. Its central location in the Plaza Loreto, a few steps from the Cathedral of St. Vitus in Prague Castle, the building makes it a privileged place. Documents, letters and other writings of Vaclav Havel, which cover the 50-year history of that country will be available to researchers. The ex-president will move into the new headquarters building his office and certain nonprofit entities associated therewith. The Foundation will also host the palace Zdenek Bakala, name of a coal magnate and great patron of this project, budgeted at 8 million euros (11 million). Floor area: 5,000 sq.meters Developer: PREGUNTAR ROCIAS