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Jesus M. Chamizo , Madrid 1961, connected to the arts from an early age, studying in various schools of photography between 1977 and 1980 (when he published his first port-folio) develops research and self-taught work, until you enter in the advertising world. First as an assistant and a year and a half later setting up his own studio. Since then, his passion and concern for the image have been developed in different areas, trying to combine all of them, concepts, techniques and creativity. In addition to exposing the individual and collective level in several galleries, won several international awards: Sun, Cannes, Afp, Lux, FIAP, Epica, N. York Festival His passion is still intact, and developments within the sector, has been in addition to digital technologies, the new CGI system that mixes real images with 3D images. Specialties: CGI (3D) / Photography Automotive, Still Life, Landscapes, Architecture, Interiors, etc ... Read Less



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